Foster Campbell recommended to serve on Oil Spill Commission.

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I'm sporting my save the gulf pin
being in texas, i am not familiar with foster campbell. is this a good thing?
after all... he is/ was a ,
" former state legislator, Congressman and President and CEO of a company active in oil and gas "
I am a fan.
I'm a fan too. I'm one registered Republican who voted for him for Governor.

He has cared about the Louisiana coast long long before it was cool.

I'm sure over time it has cost him politically.

Someone who does what's right even if it costs them, WHAT A RARE FIND.

Someone who fights for what they believe in. Hard to beat.

And other issues he has been involved in, he works tirelessly and doesn't let go.

I can't think of anyone who would be better suited. Very appealing choice.

I concur with you. I am also a Republican. I have always had high regard for Foster, and the entire Campbell family.

I did pull my item about Save Our Beaches, etc. Out of sheer frustation. May put it back on with some revisions. I think you know I never give up.
king john,

That was the person who recommended him.
great. I'm sure he will keep a good eye out!
The Baron, you are bad. LOL! Foster has learned his lesson. He now only drives on completed and open to the public Interstates. I imagine that he relishes this opportunity and the industry is actively lobbying to kill his appointment.
FUNNY. I recall the incident to which you refer by inference
all right, let's hear it already !
As you will recall, Aubrey, Foster wasn't the only state legislator running that unfinished stretch of I-49. He was just the only one to have a wreck. As far as I know.


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