Foster Campbell recommended to serve on Oil Spill Commission.

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My sister works at AEP-SWEPCO and they {the utility company} hate his guts.
He's the rare regulator who consistently votes for the interest of consumers. I'm sure every utility regulated by the Public Service Commission feels the same about his guts.
The reason he should not serve on Oil Spill Commission because he is a member of the Public Service Commission. Also only has one eye to look at things.
He might have only one eye, but he has all his wits, unlike most half-wit polititians.
I would debate that.

Even if you don't agree with him politically, don't you think he would do a great job on this Commission?
I believe he will do whatever he needs to say or do to benifit himself the most.
alls i'll say is not everyone thinks he hung the moon and leave it there.
Rare indeed.

He has the guts to do what's right.
Moon Griffon, conservative talk radio host even pledged his support for Foster Campbell if he runs and makes the runoff against Jay Dardenne in the Lieutenant Governor's race (which the article says he won't if he is appointed).
I agree with you. He is a great choice. I think he does a good job for the people. He has the guts to do what is right and the guts to tell it like it is!! That in itself ,is enough to make most people hate someones guts. One thing is for sure, when he tells it ,you will hear it, might not agree with it, but you will hear it. I just hope that Obama doesn't decide that he should kick Foster's coz if he does, he better bring a lunch.


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