We have been approached about granting a sand and gravel lease on property on Thompson Creek (E Fel Par).  Does anyone have an idea for the range of royalty amounts on frac sand?   We haven't had a sand and gravel lease in 25 years.

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I would also be interested. We were offered $2/ton in Wyoming. But was frac sand selling for $50-$100 per ton that seemed pretty low to us. We declined.

The offer we received was for $1/ton, which we think is very low.  However, our adjacent landowner is receiving such amount.  Apparently, his land does not have sufficient sand for the fracking operations.

For what it's worth, I got a report yesterday of sand mined at Indian Village NE of Lake Charles being hauled to Minden near Shreveport.

Minden is a staging area for one of the frac sand companies.  Don't recall which off the top of my head.

Thomas, we have never sold sand so I had not responded. However, we have sold a lot of dirt and clay by the cubic yard over the years. I looked online and a ton of sand is roughly equal to 1.5 cubic yards. Clay and dirt bring a little more than that ($2.50+-), but you will be surprised how quickly the tons add up if you decide to sell it. Tell Elizabeth I said hello. Kathy

Not every type of sand will do for fracking wells. When you start meeting engineering specifications, the price should go up considerably, albeit adjusted for supply. See paragraph four below:



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