I thought there was a group for Franklin County, but I guessed I dreamed it. Anyone interested? I know a bunch of us have been contacted by Standard Lithium for brine leases. Some have signed. We haven’t.

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Lisa, there is no Franklin County group because the county was never included in any Oil and Gas plays that our members follow.  I'm hopeful that you guys get a crack at the lithium brine play.  It's good to share information and ask questions to guide the management of your mineral rights.

On this page in the far right hand column, scroll down to "Add a Group" at the bottom of the list of "Groups".  Click on it and you will be guided to form a group for Franklin County.  Let me know if you need any help. 

Or use this link:  https://gohaynesvilleshale.com/groups/group/new



Is there another group that I should also join to hear chatter about Northeast Texas Lithium possibilities. We were contacted pretty regularly— and then crickets.

We’re likely interested but want royalties tied to the value of product taken not per acre.
I set up the Franklin County group! 🤗

I can't find it in Groups but it may take a little time to go live.  Did you use my link?

Yes, and it had the “Add Group” button at the bottom left. It seemed to have gone through. If it doesn’t show up, let me know, and I’ll try again.

I asked Keith in an email to confirm it and to "feature" both the new groups associated with brine leasing, Titus and Franklin.

When I created the Franklin group, it said something that made me think it had to be approved.
I’m also a member of Smackover Lithium Play - South Arkansas and East Texas.

Lisa, that's a discussion, not a group.  It looks like you joined the Lower Smackover Brown Dense Group.  That a different play that went dark years ago.  The two groups that are following the Smackover Brine topic are Columbia and Lafayette counties in Arkansas and Cass and Titus counties in E TX.  I use the Smackover Lithium Play -South Arkansas and East Texas discussion thread to post lithium/brine information and articles that are germane to the general topic of lithium from brine or Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE).

Gosh, I knew that was a discussion group— I just had a senior moment, I guess!

When the Franklin County group page is live, it should appear at the top of the Group List in the far right hand column.  Columbia County is at the top now.

Your Franklin County Group is approved and live now.


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