Company is offering 10 dollars a foot to put a pipeline through my farm. Its a natural gas and oil pipeline, 36" . Will they still drill on my land if their is a pipeline going through it. I have 100 acres so there is plenty of room, just don't want to settle for a one time payout to find out they won't drill because of rules or dangers involved.

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If I were you I would tell them to come back when they can offer you a decent offer.
Yep, Jack Blake says the ROW is worth $400.00/rod(16.5 feet) or $25.00 per foot. No need to get too greedy, but $400.00 per rod is a fair price.
Jack does not think it'll make them avoid drilling your section/on your land, in fact Jack thinks it may make drilling on your land more appealing to a production company. Jack may be wrong.
Is $300.00 per rod for a 40foot right of way to run a pipeline between two future Haynesville gas wells, in Natchitoches Parish a decent offer? I guess it will feed into a future pipeline about a mile or so away. Does anyone know?
It sounds ok to Jack Blake. It depends how bad they want/need the line to go there. If they absolutely have to cross your land demand more. They won't fight to long if there is a way around you. They have lots of P/L to lay.
Jack would take the Jack!!!!!!!!!!! or tell them $450 and come down to $400.00 and worst case come down and take the $300.00 all in one sit down. They want to get things done.
It depends where they want to put the ROW. You may not want a P/L on your land at all.
STUDY!STUDY!STUDY!STUDY! and do a good ROW agreement. There is everyhting you need to know on GHS. STUDY!STUDY!STUDY!STUDY!HOWLEDJACKBLAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Intended as a question because I don't know the answer.
Consider this, Once a right of way is given (for whatever price), what are the landowers rights/obligations/responsibilities? It almost seems like selling the land. I don't think you can plant a tree or make a garden or put a driveway or road or fence across it. What are you allowed to do and is there anything you are required to do? It seems like the only thing you can do after that is to mow it and maybe not even that. Can you mow it for example?
Could someone briefly explain. Just curious in case it comes up in life.
Richard-- type pipeline ROW in search there have been several discussion on pipeline ROWs with price per/rod all variable to pie size, width of easement, location, Texas or La. compare prices for 36" pipe in texas is about $450/rod and in La is about $650/rod
The pipe is only going to be buried about 3 feet deep. So I am thinking it is probably a six or eight inch line, a the most. I watched some Cotton Valley Wells lay lines between them and seems like they were two or three inch lines. I have spoken with some folks around Elm Grove and $300 per rod seemed to be about the most they saw for one of these smaller feeder lines.
They should bury it 48 inches deep. Sounds like a 12 line. Each deal should be seperate (only 1 line) Each additional line is neogoiated seperately. They will try and get you to include them all in one deal. Study and go see a oil and gas attorney.


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