George Mitchell: Hydraulic Fracturing Pioneer Turns 94...wish him well on GHS

Give your happy birthday wishes below. We will be forwarding these to him at the end of the week...

"The rise [in shale gas] has beenhelped along by a variety of factors.... But the biggest difference was down to the efforts of one man: George Mitchell, ...who saw the potential for improving a known technology, fracking, to get at the gas. Big oil and gas companies were interested in shale gas but could not make the breakthrough in fracking to get the gas to flow. Mr Mitchell spent ten years and $6m to crack the problem (surely the best-spent development money in the history of gas). Everyone, he said, told him he was just wasting his time and money." 

-The Economist, July 2012

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Happy Birthday, Mr. Mitchell. It is people like you who make America great...people who sacrifice in their own life because they have an idea and determination to see it thru. May you and your family enjoy your day and many more to come, and know that you have made a difference in many lives.

Happy Birthday George and many more.  Thanks for the work you have done and the example you have set for all geologist and people making a living in the oil and gas profession.

Happy Birthday Mr. Mitchell.  Thank you for your dedication, tenacity, and hard work to bring such a wonderful innovation and benefit to this nation and all mankind around the world.  Wish there were many more dedicated people like you.  Hope you and your family many wonderful years ahead.  

Happy Birthday Mr. George, and thanks for the expanded employment opportunities!

Happy Birthday Mr. Mitchell. Thank you. And my family thanks you too.
Live long and prosper. 

Happy Birthday Mr. Mitchell. On a personal note. Your decade of work and persistence has helped me retire a decade early which was necessary due to a disabling disease I have. The royalty payments we receive every month help compensate for my modest SSDI check.

There are few people in today's world that actually make a difference in the way the world operates. You sir are one of the few.

Thank you Mr. Mitchell and have a wonderful birthday.


mitchel birthday card

Happy Birthday Mr. Mitchell, and thanks for all of your contributions to the great American Oil and Gas Industry!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy birthday keep on fracking!ivh safer than liberals "cracking "

Happy Birthday Sir...May God Bless you and all of your efforts and success that is helping us all.  I hope you have many more.  Donna Doyle

Happy Birthday Mr. Mitchell-Since you are still many years ahead of your time you have no choice but to stay with us until the rest of the world catches up. You'll be here awhile!


Happy Birthday Sir, to a man who has pioneered a huge contribution to your Country.


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