Has anyone here had any experience with getting paid by swepi?  Have been waiting 6 months for first check since production started.  Encana(50% owner) has been paying for the last 3 months.

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I could be way wrong on this, but I think you'll only get one check from one company
We participate in a Encana/Shell well and get a 50/50 check from each.  Have you called their royalty owner hotline (281) 544-2600?
We have a swepi well #239011 in s15, t11, r12.  I has told it was brought on line in January.  Has anyone heard anything?  Who do we contact?
WV, Sonris doesn't show the well was completed and turned over to sales.  Last entry was in 09!  You sure about it being brought on line?
In the SONRIS Classic (Java-based section of the database) there is a notation on a Preliminary completion report dated 10/2/09 stating "Waiting on facilities" and a hand written note "see letter received 10/07/09.  I suggest a search on SONRIS Lite of the surrounding wells to see if any are producing into a pipeline.  A lack of pipeline connection or a limited existing pipeline capacity may be the reason this well is not reported "turned to sales".
My wife called the SWEPI number and was told our miners where leased by CHK and we needed to contact them.  She called CHK and was told the well is on line and they had little info about the well.  I can't find anymore information.
Thanks, I'll try that number.  The division order has swepi listed as a 50% owner and I assume responsible for 50% of the royalty.


Jack Blake has same issue as you except Encana has been paying for six months and Shell still has not paid! 

Well came on line in Oct. and Encana started paying in Dec or Jan.  Jack has called the royalty owner hotline numerous times.  The first time I called it they already had assigned me a royalty owner number.  Them suckers just try to hold your money as long as they can. 

Someone ought to file a class action lawsuit on their arse!!

Jacks well is Matthew Murray #21.  What well is yours bshelby?

Jack Blake

This seems common with the Shell/Encana deal.  Sometimes when Shell is 50/50 with Encana but is not the actual operator they wait on Encana to send them the title on each tract or wait on Encana's que on putting a tract in pay.  Encana may even begin paying prior to a final title opinion while Shell waits on the title opinion (or the landowner's demand letter...).   These extra steps of passing info from the operator to non-operator can usually be the delay (as long as there are not any other suspense issues with the interest).


All that said, they still shouldn't fall behind the operator this many months.  Before sending a demand letter you could call Shell's owners relation number and try to get connected with the specific Div. Order analyst for your well to explain the situation (I find this easier with Shell than some of the others).  If this fails - send cert. return receipt letter outlining your info (well name, S-T-R, Parish, etc...) and the issue, also mention that Encana has paid multiple months so far on that specific interest.  Usually they will get it in pay soon thereafter and make up for months back to date of first production.

The Batchelor #24, located in Red River parish.
Jack sentg the demand letter about a month ago and still no pay from SWEPI.
Not saying that you are but don't be intimidated.  Ultimately, you have remedies and they understand this.  A capable attorney probably wouldn't charge more than a few hundred bucks to send a demand letter if you follow HBP's advice and still can't get anywhere.  I would add that the people at the companies I have dealt with have, generally, been nice and pretty helpful.


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