Global Warming Skeptic Predicts Brutal Winter, Warns “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet”

Full article is here.

Excerpt below with link to video.

British meteorologist Piers Corbyn appeared on Fox and Friends to not only celebrate his accurate prediction of a bone-chillingly cold winter, but to also share his disgust with what he believes to be the “failed science” behind global warming. Despite it often being
mentioned that the consensus in the scientific community is that global
warming is undisputedly occurring, Corbyn proudly goes against the grain and advocates for his hypothesis of the coming global cooling.


Predicting in November that winter in Europe would be “exceptionally cold and snowy, like Hell frozen over at times,” Corbyn suggested we should sooner prepare for another Ice Age than worry about global warming.




Regardless of the politics behind the scientific debate, what everyone should be upset about is if Corbyn’s next prediction is accurate, that the “northeast and east USA [will] suffer the most horrendous blizzards for decades.” He even tweeted out his warning saying “you ain’t seen nothing yet” this winter.


See video clip here.


If he is correct, a rather significant "if", then many of the predictions for pricing, etc., are fundamentally wrong, i.e., a warming trend later this winter, etc.

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If the global warming theory is right, cold winters are no surprise. 


Global warming would increase the average temperature around the world and change weather patterns.  Heat is the engine that drives the Earth's weather.  With more heat in the atmosphere, you can get more extreme weather.  You'll get more storms, more droughts, more floods, more hurricanes, more blizzards, etc.  It's possible the ocean currents, particularly the Gulf stream, will be affected and some northern regions, particularly Europe, could get colder.


It's entirely possible that a lot of areas could end up with colder winters and hotter summers, even if the average temperatures go up, and the ice caps melt. 


I'm not saying global warming is right, but one cold winter doesn't prove global warming is wrong.  Even several years of cold winters doesn't mean it's wrong.  Just like one hot summer or an extended drought in one area doesn't prove it's right.


What you are seeing is that as the Engine between the Equator (La Nina, El Nino) cools off and the Arctic/Gulf of Alaska warms up (pack ice opening is longer and encouraging oil development in the Arctic Ocean, such as Endicott many years ago) the differential diminishes = weak weather patterns and predicts start becoming very risky...the strongly seasonal weather becomes mush ( standard deviation rises and extremes become more common)

So what does this mean for natural gas and Louisiana??? 

48State Market prices after spiking will encourage more supply (Canadians and Alaskans Gas - pipeline was approved by Canadians)

Maybe we will get enough cold winters and very hot summers (how could one get hotter than Aug-Sep in Lousiana??) which will suck up short-term gas storage and production

Agriculture may be hammered by needs for pumped irrigation and pumping-power costs and for higher diesel prices

Circulation in the GoM may further mess up the commercial fishing and forget about the "hurrican season" they will come along well outside the "Season"...

We are seeing such in California and our storms (rains) become your storms 4-6 days later - we have had a very wet year.

The Times they are a changin...





If you've seen any of this guys predictions and facts, his long range predictions and data are very convincing and accurate. His predictions are based on real science, the sun and the earths magnetic fields and not the "carbon credit" fad. They affect the weather way more than all the lawnmowers and cow farts ever will. Hell where did all the Ice ages and thaw outs that followed come from. Too many ox carts on the roman highway i suppose.  Scientist can say its baloney all they want but when the toad croaks its gonna rain and the old timers knew it long before channel 13.
The present solar cycle is not presenting the usual displays for the time in the cycle with few very weak sunspots.  The middle ages Maunder minimum  was similar to this and lasted approximately 40 years. It is believed this caused the little ice age when the canals of Holland and the Thames River froze over allowing ice skating.  Consider also the fact that cold events can happen suddenly as evidenced by wooly mamoths found in permafrost with green gras in their stomachs.  Don't buy into anything just because a bunch of sheep believe it.
There is no such thing as anthropogenic global warming.

That blanket statement is as ignorant as the global warming true believers statements.  Global warming is far from proven, but there's very good reason to be concerned.


The really sad thing is that hugging trees, feeling guilty, and singing kumbaya doesn't do anything about the problem.  Or destroying our economy with carbon taxes while the Chinese and Indians take over the world economy while ignoring the environment. 


All the while the government wastes their efforts with nonsense like dirty corn ethanol subsidies, policies against building new roads, high speed trains to nowhere, hydrogen power, carbon sequestration, etc.  However, they are doing some things to help.  After we destroy our economy, our carbon output probably will go down.  And when the increase to 15% ethanol in gasoline puts a lot of cars out of service, US carbon output may go down.  Too bad China and India will more than make up for it.

Piers Corbyn is da bomb.  He hits the nail right on the head.

Climate Change has always been real.

Using it as a reason to pilfer and control the masses is man caused...



Happy New Year

Merry Julian/Eastern Christmas on 6/7Jan (=12th night)


Now - the Weather - can we get back to the impacts of the weather/climate change/global warming on the price of gas at the wellhead in LA/TX/Ark???  If weather extremes get greater = hotter/colder summers and colder/warmer winters, will the Haynesville be worth more??  AMEN to that, OR less which is more important than China/India economies, unless we put in gas plant and ship LNG to India from Gom??


Is NG selling for more over in China and India than it is here?

I think  this is interesting in that the wild temperature swings are often compared to previous records set in the 1890s before most people had electricity and hardly anyone owned a fliver (Model T).   It was 1846? when a massive volcanic eruption in Indonesia disrupted the global climate more than anything that has happened since. There are no accurate records from that time, but apparently millions of Asians died from starvation since there was no summer for them to raise their crops. 







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