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When an AC well would start clogging up, UPR and others in the last play would acidize it and get the affected well going again. I can't say exactly what went on downhole, but I know it was an unexpected and unwanted expense for the operators. Sometimes a well would require repeated acidizing to stay in production. There were similar problems with the water injection wells that populated each drill site.

I suspect many operators would like to try some new techniques in the AC if oil was $100/bbl again. 

If the wells would've stayed open, then the downhole acid treatment would've been correct. But the wells closed up. A geochemist (who has worked all over the world and who retired after many decades of experience with a major Seven Sister) told me about an effective chemcial treatment for chalk wells.    

Very interesting article.  Most of it was too complicated.  I was able to pull a few facts from it and the maps were very good.  We need all of the information that we can find to keep us more informed.  Thank you for posting.  



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