I'm trying to locate a survey plat of this unit with a list of owners.  It is not listed on Sonris under the field ID.  I assume Chesapeake has not published it (shocking).  Any ideas where else to look?  Thanks in advance.

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RONNY,  There are numerous units designated HA RA SU62 but there is only one per field.  To know which HA RA SU62, we would need to know the field name or the location by section-township-range.

Field ID is 1464.  Serial #240508.  It is comprised of 15N 16W sec 30 & 29.  Thanks.

I started lobbying the Office of Conservation on delinquent unit surveys in 2018 and although there have been compliance orders issued to all Haynesville operators and a lot of surveys entered in SONRIS since 2018, we are still missing some.  This is unacceptable because unit surveys were created as part of the Division Order process that must be completed before the first royalties are paid.  Here is what you need to RONNY.  Send a certified letter to Gavin Broussard.  Provide the information required and ask that he issue a specific compliance offer for your HA RA SU62 unit survey.  Good luck  and let us know how it goes.

Gavin Broussard

Inspection and Enforcement

Engineering Division

P.O. Box 94275
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70804



Name of mineral owner as it appears in the public record (legal name).

Contact information (address, city, state, phone number, email address).

How mineral owner is an Interested Party (lessor, heir, purchaser, etc. provide copy of conveyance instrument)

Unit name.



Field Order No.

Will do.  Thank you very much.


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