Look at the condensate in this completion.  This is their fourth similarly successful well in the James Lime.

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If you care to believe one of their local landmen, who mentioned this a couple days ago, this well has leveled off at 300 to 400 bbls per day.  Not much information, I realize, but it is something.

Still a very good well, IMHO.  It wouldn't take long to pay for a $5-7 million James Lime well with those numbers.

 W & T Offshore has kicked off trying to acquire leases. They had a good James Lime well with solid liquids production in the north east part of San Augustine County.  That along with Devons wells is making it look like Crimson has it right.  It is a very targeted play.  Others probably want in but much of the land is leased.  Those leases should be expiring soon. 

We are in San Augustine Co and they sold ours without letting us know to Chesapeake.  Our minerals were first sold Nov., 2011 and we still don't have any royalty checks.


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