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Dear Mr. GR BallouPE,

Are you sincere about the BLACK WALNUT Shells?

If yes, would you please "friend" or whatever it is and I can talk to you about getting some?

Many, many thanks-


I want some BLACK WALNUT shells too GB ...... send some my way!!!!!   I don't know what I'll use them for, but if CypressKnees wants them, then so do I  .......   good ole supply and demand!!!!

You are so delightful!

Black walnuts are...tough to I remember (hammer). Shelling should not be done prior to an event (fingers stained for life).

The stain is used in tanning hides, as I understand it and a friend has been looking for some.

This will be an adventure!

What's off topic, there is none other than the context given by the thread title and the link, and beside that, it's old news that didn't get much traction when it was first announced.  Furthermore I don't see it getting much traction in the near future for any number of reasons, including but not limited to those previously discussed.


I fervently hope that I am proven soundly wrong post haste as I have my own interests at stake, and eventually I do agree that things will change politically.  If this so-called food industry sourced torch gets taken up by the broadcast networks and the likes of the NYT I will be the first to admit my error and sing their praises.

Oh btw here is a free PDF version of Mr. Ballou's on topic (my opinion) "off topic" reference

Ah yes, the demonization of anyone with the temerity to question or criticize.

I couldn't put it any better than this:

The Economist. London. "Liberalism in Caricature: The Anti-Capitalist Mentality." (April 13, 1957) 135. "This is a sad little book, from which admirers of its author — and these are many, even among those who radically disagree with his political conclusions — should be warned away. Professor von Mises has a splendid analytical mind and an admirable passion for liberty; but as a student of human nature he is worse than null and as a debater he is of Hyde Park standard .... To find an equal dogmatism coupled with an equally simpliste view of the springs of conduct, an equal propensity for propping up dummies and knocking them down, an equal contempt for human facts coupled with an equally vituperative style, one would have to turn to the less sophisticated Marxists .... The case for freedom needs making and re­making, tirelessly and ingeniously; but its cause is ill served by such stuff as this."


Y'all keep propping those dummies up.

Led, here's something a little more recent from that esteemed publication, after all 60+ year old dummies are fairly hard to prop, and sometimes even when you do, those buggers just won't stay propped.  The younger ones are much more compliant, if not relevant, at least in my opinion.


<JOHN MAYNARD KEYNES is back. The British economist has modern intellectual champions in Paul Krugman and Robert Skidelsky. For all today’s talk of austerity, a policy of Keynesian fiscal stimulus was adopted by most governments in the immediate aftermath of the credit crisis.

In contrast policymakers seem to show a lot less interest in the economic ideas of the “Austrian school” led by Ludwig von Mises and Friedrich Hayek, who once battled Keynes for intellectual supremacy. Yet the more you think about recent events, the odder that neglect seems.>>>



Once more into the breach and I'll leave this alone, between google news searches of the topics "gasland" and "cleanstim" guess which one returns zero hits and which one returns almost one thousand.  Is it not helpful to point that out?  Perhaps not.  But it's the truth.
In the absence of clarity and verifiable facts, half truths and sensationalism often cause those susceptible to rash conclusions to adopt erroneous and detrimental positions.
You might want to check today's Chron for an update on this.  80)

The update is at ? And the title of it would be?


Sorry to bother you-but this is really interesting! Thanks!

Drillers defend injecting diesel into ground 3 in Congress suspect water law broken during hydraulic fracturing

Notice the article says twice how much fluid was injected, not how much diesel was in the fluid. Convenient for the author, the EPA, and those hacks in Congress.


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