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Haynesville Movie Premier
Has anyone bought tickets yet?
I've heard this event is now free...
I highly recommend Mr. Kallenberg's movie and think those in attendance will equally enjoy meeting the three individuals whose experiences reflect those of tens of thousands of NW. LA. mineral owners. I have watched my DVD of the movie numerous times and shown it to quite a few family and friends.
Sally, you can order online at the following site.
Yes, it's now posted on the "Haynesville, the Movie" FB page that it's free. I believe call ahead is necessary to reserve tickets. Maybe Mr. Moviemaker can post something here? lol, 80)
Here's a link ...

Looking for a popcorn sponsor now. lol

Its a very informative movie. If anyone gets a chance to watch it, its well worth it
I purchase the movie and thought it was good. It was nice to see how some of the mineral owners are spending their money to help others. It was very sad seeing the group of people that lost out on their part. I guess in LA a lot of things are different then here in The Great State Of Texas. I can't believe that the landsmen pulled that page out about the old lease from 1955 at the last minute. That was kind of crappy and the poor lady had to go back and tell all of those people they where going to get nothing. She put her hart and sole in to trying to help and it back fired. The movie pointed out how we need this natural gas and how it can be used in between us jumping to solar, wind and other clean forms of energy for the long term future. I hear that part two is going to be made. It would be nice if they could focus a little bit more on the over all size of the shale area. I would like to know how many of these wells are being drilled in at what depths. What is the hit miss ratio, How much is a well costing these companies? What companies are working on and where?
True Texan, do you really think that the landman knew about the old lease and was just waiting to pull it out for maximum effect to disappoint the members of Kassi's Rambin Farm group? That would defy logic but typify the mind set of those who demonize the industry. In general the movie is quite good but there are portions that are incorrect or tend to give false impressions. The mention that the Rambin Farm group does not own their minerals is not correct. Most of them likely do own the minerals but those minerals are Held by the old lease which precludes them from signing a new lease. A law suit will seek to invalidate that old lease. Mineral conveyances can be incredibly complicated and public records are not always clear or complete. And in an instance of HBP (Held By Production) it makes no difference whether we are discussing Texas or Louisiana. Or Oklahoma or Arkansas, etc,, etc.

For specifics as to wells, companies, completion results, etc. in your area, join the appropriate E. TX. county group. Read their discussions and ask questions.


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