Rosebud's discussion about unusual food combinations, got me to wondering if I'm missing any good Restaurants around town. I don't cook, so I've been to a bunch, but I'm sure I've missed a few.

What are some of the "don't miss" small establishments that I might have missed?

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BTW, please don't tell me about places like Superior Steak house or Earnest's.

I like Anthony's on Mansfield for a steak.

Don't plan on going to places like Superior even after a HS well comes in.

I ate at Ruth's in Chicago years ago and couldn't enjoy a meal that costs that much money.
Some of my favorites are:

Monjuni's (only the one on Louisiana) (Curried Chicken pasta salad)
Counter Culture (avocado delight sandwich is ---- delightful)
Bodacious Barbeque (Botato - barbeque beef on a baked potato)
Iciban Japanese (they are seriously cheap) (spicy shrimp or chicken bento box)
The Gleenwood Tea room
Parker: In our neck of the woods, try Gumbo to Geaux in the old Kroger shopping center on Barksdale. Their seafood gumbo nears Don's in taste. Also, the Eggroll Express has beef and chicken Po that is really good and different.

I love Gumbo to Geaux (but I miss Don's - It was one of my all time favorite restaurants. It was good in Hammond, Baton Rouge and here).

Mayflower is pretty darn good too.
Im with you regarding Superior steakhouse. I know it stays busy but good Lord, this is still shreveport. The Cub has some pretty good steak
Try Country Tavern for a Steak and Au grautin Potatoes and their house salad. We usually eat in the Bar. Best steak in town. We like the Cub's Steak, but it is more exspensive than Country Tavern (filet). Both places have good steak and Au Grautin potatoes (they make them with jalapenos).
I could eat Superior's food every day but I prefer to get it to go! LOL! I like to relax and enjoy a meal, not feel like I'm sitting in the middle of a parade. I also like the Oyster Bar a few blocks north of Superior. When the weather is nice, I like to sit outside.

As far as small establishments or places kinda' off the beaten path, Wilson's Inn on Lake Bistineau has the best fried catfish and shrimp I've ever eaten and onion rings like we used to get at the KoKoMo.

The best pizza I've ever eaten was at a little pizza restaurant somewhere on the way to Wilson's Inn. LOL! I don't know the name of the restaurant but the pizza was extraordinary!

Some people say they love the Southfield Grill - it's O.K. to me, but again, usually crowded. We like Firehouse sandwiches.

I've been getting really good fresh boiled shrimp at the Kroger on Youree Dr. I have them steam the shrimp there, it takes app. 5 minutes, and so far the shrimp have been fabulous.

I like Madison Square Garden O.K. - it's inexpensive, good service and while the food isn't fancy, it's tasty and fresh.

My mother used to cook three good meals a day and we ate out maybe 3-4 times a year, always at Sansones. Now I wonder how she did it? I cook but nothing like that.
Although it ain't exactly out-of-the-way or small, the best steak in town for flavor and value is at .........Carrabba's. As their Italian is so good, most diners don't think about the steaks. But then again most anything that comes off Carrabba's grill is great. parker, the best "on topic" restaurant is Olive Street Bistro. It's northern Italian so a little different menu than most local Italian restaurants. Osso Bucca, pot roast and a number of pasta dishes are among my favorites.
The best eating to be found is around my Mother's table! She is a wonderful cook, nothing fancy, but lots of it and served with more love than you can shake at stick at. Daddy thinks a day without meat, rice and gravy is like a day without electricity!
What's the address, when do we eat, and what's for dinner tonight?
Give her 30 minutes and she can put a meal on the table that would make you want to slap your pappy!
I just heard that Murrells, Big Hole in the Wall, on East Kings Highway will close at the end of the month. Another gastronomic icon bites the dust!
Murrell's is missing a great opportunity. They should be advertising that they will close up 30 days from now. And then put on more help for all of those that would like to have one more burger, meat loaf or piece of pie for old times sake. Hate to see 'em go.


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