Is there a way to determine if a well has been re-fraced in Sonris? 

The latest DT-1 tests show the gas delivered and the pressure went up with the choke going from a 48 to a 31.  Volume was way down in Feb but way up in March, about triple Jan. 

Can't find anything in the documents with a recent date but my search skills are not that great.  Well # 244719

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Usually a re frac results in a multi fold increase in production.  I would wait to see what the next months posted production is.  Don’t rely on a DT-1.


I agree.  Insufficient increase in flow between Feb. reported production and DT-1 in March.  Also, no work order in the well file although it's impossible to know how far behind the SONRIS staff is on database entries.

To all, thanks for your help.


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