The down turn in oil is more complicated than you might think. Its not just about supply and demand other forces are at work we may never know about. I have been involved in the patch from my teens. When I was young I didn't know much but time and experience has given me some good insights to some Facts about the industry and some of the controlling factors. The investing world controls more than you think. Now I am not hear to discuss what has happened but what can happen. I would like to get feed back from this audience to a Project that I have put together on I am working at crowd funding making sure I don't cross up with Securities Laws. When you check out the site it is designed to help people get a return that we all see the big companies getting. I have a lease in ground zero of the TMS, I have all the geology, I have 4 geologist reports and 100% oil tops and bottoms. At $35 dollar oil my first well will me a money maker. The rising prices will only make things better and they will rise.

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Thank you sir and I am interested in common people taking the knowledge we have and what's available for us to do great things. 3% of the people control 97% of the wealth. Its not because they work hard. Its not because they have special skills. Its because what they know. To know something and than don't do it is ignorant. You will face in public opinion the negative from 97% of the people who mostly know how to complain and wish they had what the 3% have but its a mental problem. The TRUMPS in this world live off of residual incomes, they don't work 40 hrs for 40 years and retire on 40% less than what they had been doing.  No sir they know some thing the average genius doesn't know and its so simple its called leveraging money to do bigger things. I did a face lift on my web site because I was giving to much information on my landing page. I determine that people read without  understanding. Make it simple stupid hit me last night like a brick.  Yes if you know of a possible opportunity, Yes I am interested. I can read drilling logs, mud logs and can do base maps. I can do AFE on a project, I can spud a well drill a well and complete a well. I am just learning to build a web and promote it. I am not experienced here but I won't let that be an excuse to stop. I will learn and already my mind is expanding with information I didn't have before. We in the oilfield must understand things change and we need to change with it. My email is on my web site for you to make contact or here. 

Found this on your website; "The Tuscaloosa Marine Shale is an emerging oil rich shale that has had over 60 wells drilled and not one dry hole." 

I wasn't aware of that.


If you know of a dry hole in the ground zero of the TM s I would appreciate it or if you know of a dry hole in Mississippi where I informed our project I would appreciate that. I must admit that I might have missed something and if I did I apologize and will take that off my sight, I pulled all the well records with Ms oil and gas.

So as to not miss lead I did remove that statement. I don't know of any horizontal wells drilled that were dry holes. Thank you for bringing this up I asked for critique and for this I am grateful.  As far as there being quite a few maybe I am missing some reports, I will get back with the oil and gas board. 


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