INDIGO applies for a public hearing, Aug. 4, 2009, West Simsboro Field, Lincoln Parish

INDIGO applied to form 4 additional drilling and production units in Lincoln Parish, sec.'s
21, 20, 17, 8, T18N, R4W. I guess the Cotton Valley and the Hosston still has enough NG for this company to risk looking for it. I hope they find a boat load of it, a big boat....

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Petrohawk/KCS has been drilling at many depths in that area and depending on the definition by the DNR and the operator, we will see where the Cotton Valley and Hosston is located in Lincoln Parish. Might already been established. If anyone knows please post.

Good luck to Indigo...I wish them all the luck I have!

INDIGO has several successful wells drilled in the West Simsboro Field, especially in the Lower Cotton Valley. If you visit the Lincoln Parish group, you can see a few discussions/comments regarding activity in the Simsboro Fields.

Napper Well - COMPLETED 11-27-08; GAS; CV RA; 6027 MCFD

I am happy to see they can continue to operate in these conditions.
I agree with you ELLIS, I keep watching the number of permits being applied for and to doesn't seem to be slowing down very much. I am very happy that they can continue to operate in these conditions. Imagine how it would be if the economy was back on track. I hope it continues.

That Napper well is a doozy! I like to see the success in all parishes.



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