Indigo Minerals has applied to form two Haynesville Units (sections 13 & 14 - 10N - 10W, King Hill Field) and for spacing of 5 HC (Horizontal Cross) wells:  11 & 14, 12 & 13 -10N-10W, 25&36 - 11N-10W, 36 (11N-10W) & 1 10N-10W), 35 (11N - 10W) & 2 (10N-10W) in the King Hill and Redoak Lake fields, Natchitoches and Red River parishes.

When I can get to it a little later, I will post the unit and well spacing plats in a Natchitoches Parish group discussion for those who would like to comment and/or follow the discussion.

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To see the plats and follow the Indigo area of interest in north Natchitoches, go to that group page by using this link to the new discussion there:


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