With its previously announced plans to develop solar and wind power, Saudi Arabia hopes one day to be exporting “gigawatts of electric power” instead of fossil fuels.

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Big Oil Companies Want a Price on Carbon. Here’s Why.

Natural-gas profits have Shell and BP, among others, calling for increased use of carbon-emissions fees ahead of a make-or-break climate summit in Paris.

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Take a break, Joe.  You need it.

Again Skip, your postings are childish.

You're not debating the Sierra Club, Joe.

With the statements you have made throughout this thread I thought I was debating the President of the Sierra Club.

See?  There's your problem.  What I have suggested is as far from the Sierra Club as it is from your equally passionate and opposite side of the debate.  There truly is a middle ground on addressing global climate change.   And much of it makes perfect sense.  More NG, less coal.  More CNG/LNG heavy vehicle use.  Continuing and evolving regulations supporting conservation.  And other measures - just not cows.

No, you are the one that started calling names and personalizing things. Again, you don't have the science but you post and make statements that are pure propaganda.  Then when someone disagrees with you you start calling names. 

Thanks guys. That was entertaining.

I'm glad you enjoyed it, Glenn.  Feel free to join in.


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