We are hearing rumors that EOG is or has made plans to sell out their position in the Louisiana Chalk play due to poor results on initial test well and initial seismic result data from shoot.  Does anyone have any verifiable information on this subject?

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You could be right, littleasy.  I'm actually more interested to see what COP does in the new year.  They should be drilling the lateral in the McKowen well now and they hold a live permit for their next well.  When their rig moves, I will be looking for one or more additional permits.

Yes Skip, seems like COP activity in Kirk's LAMS Stack Play area in East Feliciana Parish is the current place of interest. Maybe they will investigate both updip and downdip sections around these Wells. I just hope they are deligent and forthcoming with their findings.

I see that ConocoPhillips leased two different tracts from east and west Feliciana in the state lease sale. 37 acres in one bid and 101 acres in another. They paid 776 per acre. There was a 44 acre tract in pointe coupe that received  no bids


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