Is Section 11, T23N, R11W in Webster Parish already unitized?

My family has land in Springhill in North Webster Parish, Sec. 11, T23N, R11W. We have received letters for "Application for Public Hearing" with a map attached. I noticed that the sections are split into 4 quadrants. The lease on our property is over 20 years old, it has been held in production a very long time. My question is this: Is this section already unitized into 4 quadrants of 160 acres each? I checked SONRIS and the sections in that part of Webster Parish have not been formed into a Haynesville unit. However, there is a well (SN 203545) in one of the quadrant that dates back to 1986 and it appears that it was drilled into the Haynesville Shale. Am I missing something? I have attached the link. Skip, if you could help me out PLEASE!!

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Lorea, the application is for an alternate unit well for the HAY RA SU3 Unit which covers the NW/4 of S11-T23N-R11W. This original unit well (Ser #238524) appears to have been completed in the Haynesville Sand Formation as an oil producer in January 2009.

The other well you referenced (Ser #203545) is a Smackover Sand Formation gas producer.

There is no reference in this section to Haynesville Shale but the Carterville Field area has quite a bit of Haynesville Sand production.
Your explanation helped a whole bunch. I also noticed that they have applied for well permits for Sections 9, 10, and 11 in T23W, R11W. They will be located in the Carterville Field. I am assuming it will be in the Haynesville Sand as well, since these permits have the same designation as the other one. Are those sections already unitized into 4 quadrants per section or does it change according to which formation they are drilling for? Thanks.
Lorea, those sections likely have similar units for the Haynesville Sand Formation. Yes - the units could be different sizes for the other formations.
Les, I talked to the JAG Operating staff about a Division Order I received. They informed me that out of the three permits they have, one of the wells is going to encompass over three sections. WOW! Glad they are not force pooling that big an area for the shale. Thanks and have a great 4th!
Les or Skip, what is the probability that the operators will lobby to consolidate the existing units into, say 15,000 to 20,000 acre units once everone is leased and hbp. We have 120 acres in Cotton Valley that was pooled with the Cotton Valley Unit with the initial acreage set at 14,000 acres.
Jack, there would be no reason for operators to take such an action for the Haynesville Shale. The largest unit size that would be beneficial to operations would be 1280 acres since it would allow longer laterals but doubtful these would get approved.

The Cotton Valley Field, Black Lake Field and a few others have voluntary geologic units that encompass an entire producing reservoir. The formation of these type units was necessary to properly develop and produce these conventional reservoirs. The Haynesville Shale is unconventional and does not require the formation of such units.
Jack, the unit you refer to is a pressure maintenance agreement and is not applicable to Haynesville Shale production.

I think it is applicable to Pettit Zone units in the agreement.

Units this large often contain a whole field ("field-wide units) and are rather rare. They can be formed voluntarily by mineral owners (unlikely) or by the state. These units are generally only formed because Enhanced Oil Recovery like water flooding or CO2 injection is being used to develop the reservoir and this can only be done on a field-wide basis.


I am 99% certain that this has nothing to do with Haynesville SHALE. MOST PROBABLY HAYNESVILLE SAND or could be Smackover "B" or "C" Zone. Or possibly Cotton Valley. JAG has been completing some very good H.Sand wells.

I have some minerals in a couple of units. JAG has one well staked right in town right near police station and nursing home, if you are familiar with S'hill. I have some interest in that one.

Good Luck to you!

BTW, Field Wide units units are VERY common in this area.

Then I learned something new today! The only field-wide unit I've ever had personal experience with was in the Monroe Gas Field where Denbury is doing waterflooding.


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