I'd sure appreciate it if someone could post a view of the outline or map of the J. Risinger well in the James Rowe A-585 survey in Shelby County, Tx, in relation to the other wells surrounding it.  And any recent info about this XTO gas unit?  Thanks so much.

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Ringo, location specific questions are best asked in the appropriate group or groups.  When you post on the Main Page you can often miss those best suited to answer your question.  If they don't log onto the site on a daily basis your discussion could move far down the page or off it all together without being seen by them.  When you post your question to a group page every member of that group receives an email alerting them to the new discussion.  I suggest that you also post your discussion here:


So sorry Skip. I will do that.   I was on the Shelby Co page and over to the right I saw the list of stuff and thought I was doing it for Shelby Co only.  RR

No problem, Ringo.  Good luck to ya.


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