I'm a bit of a novice regarding the RR Commission mapping tool and couldn't locate the survey.   My sisters and I own 160 acres in the Jon H Fox ((Border of Shelby and San Augustine.  Trying to check the surrounding area for activity etc.  

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A brief lesson re: using the search tools on the RRC GIS Map.

Once the map finally loads and you can see the tools at the top... click on the magnifying glass. A list will drop down. Highlight "survey" if you want to search for a survey. A dialog box will open.

Select a county. I will use San Augustine.

As with all searches on RRC... less is more. If you don't know what goes in the search box, such as the Abstract Number, leave it blank. Every search item you enter has to be true or you will get "No Results". In this case, since you didn't give an Abstract #, I will leave it blank.

Go to "Survey Name". I have found that it works best to enter just the last name. That way you will get a list of all surveys under that last name listed alphabetically by the first name or initials. I will enter just "Fox" and hit the "Query" button.

The results are:

A-112 Fox, L S

A-664 Fox, J H

Click on the magnifying glass to the left of A-664 and it will zoom the map in to that survey.  When I do that I see that there is also a J H Fox Survey across the county line in Shelby County with a different Abstract Number, A-215.

From there you can use the slider on the left side of the map to zoom in or out. In this case I would zoom out to see all of both surveys and I would zoom out a bit more to see the wells around the surveys.

Unfortunately, I do not see any new activity in the area. All of the wells around those surveys are 5-10 years old.


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