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We are all going to die.


There is risk related to a number of O&G related operations.  On the priority list, Salt Water Disposal wells would likely appear on page 10.  St. Landry Parish has 26 existing SWD wells.  If anyone is concerned, check to see if there have been any problems with them.  Where I live, Caddo Parish, there are over 600 SWD wells.  I do not recall any publicly reported incident with them. 

The media typically does a poor job of reporting on O&G related issues.  Instead of interviewing Loren Scott who is a widely recognized friend of the O&G industry, KATC should go interview the folks that live near those 26 St. Landry wells.  It is easy to scare folks that have no frame of reference.  We would all be concerned about health and land if someone tried to scare us and we didn't know any better.

If landowners in the emerging AC play area wish to have oil wells, there will have to be the means to safely dispose of the frac and produced water volumes.



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