I've noticed a trend of late in the RigData Weekly Rig Report.  There has been a significant shifting of rigs further south in the LA fairway.  DeSoto continues to be the parish with the most rigs and there are 2 rigs running in Bossier and 4 in Caddo.  What catches my eye is the increase in Sabine Parish, 8 rigs where there have generally been 1 to 3.  Including the Comstock rig drilling in the Logansport Field, that's 9 rigs below Mansfield.  For those who are familiar with location by section-township-range, the Town of Mansfield is a good benchmark to divide the play into north and south halves on an east/west line.  Mansfield lies in 12N 13W covering the northern two thirds of the township.

Not far south of Mansfield, the early play lost it's momentum when natural gas prices cratered.  There is a lot of good rock down to at least the 9 North townships that will get some wells this year and give us a better idea of how much room the play has to run.  Those townships could very well contain the best Mid-Bossier reserves so a two for one.  It will be interesting to watch.  Good luck to those in the south.

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You're welcome, Tar Heel.  Good Luck.  I hope that next notice letter that comes in the mail is for wells in one of your sections.

There has been an uptick in leasing activity in parts of T18N, R16W and T18N, R15W.  Several parties have shown interest.

Yes, Nadel & Gussman is active in that area of northwest Caddo however it is very far from Sabine Parish.  Some of that lease activity is by speculators.



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