Attached report is the August 2018 resources assessment done by the USGS.

Basically no surprise - there are a lot of hydrocarbons in this section. The details of the updip and downdip boundaries of these resource assessment is discussed in the PDF. And only Louisiana and Mississippi onshore areas are included in this report.

Remember that these are hydrocarbon in place numbers - not recoverable reserves. Economics are not a factor in this analysis.

It would be interesting to compare this to earlier resource assessments.

The O&G and NGL's are there - no doubt of that! Now to figure out how to economically tap this resource.

Good luck to Australis and their TMS drilling program!!!!!!!!!!!

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Government is good at not considering cost or economics of it.   Will see what all happens. Thanks RM!

Agree - the USGS will only show "resource potential".

Note that their recent studies include other US areas plus such wild places like Central Asia plus various coal play areas.

Lots of really good people there in USGS - this work keeps them busy.

Doesn't look too enticing to invest money even at the max return Avg EUR MMBOE. Need 7-10 wells per unit @ 25% of the current cost per well or hit a sweet spot. Thanks for sharing RM

The TMS could join a list of "unconventional play concepts" that have good O&G in place (as source rocks) but which are uneconomic under present commodity considerations.

Areas the Eagle Ford, Pearsall Shale, Goodland Lime, Point Pleasant Shale (Michigan Utica), Gothic Shale, US Triassic Basin / east coast, Newfoundland Ordovician Shale, multiple Polish organic shales, etc. are members of this list.


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