I am so glad to have access to this site and the contributors.  Any information is greatly appreciated about key questions I've seen in different discussions.  For example:  key attorneys to contact for lease review/pointers; how to configure a lease relative to different depths versus all depths (best practice); and how to get a plat of where wells are actually producing relative to one's land location.  I have read little snippets here and there, but I wish there were a location for "frequently asked questions".   Otherwise, you guys seem great and very supportive of one another.  Cudos to all!  :-)

My contribution to those FAQ would be:

1.  When looking for a lawyer to review a lease contract, where would you recommend you begin?  Do you need an "energy lawyer" or is something more global okay?

2.  Is it typical/best to divide up a lease into depth specifications or just sign off for the whole "kit & caboodle"?

3.  How do you learn where the active wells are relative to your own parcel?  How do you learn who the drilling company is for that well or well complex?

4.  When they include the deposit of salt water on your land, is that for pushing water underground to cause the oil to go up into existing/upper substrate?  Doesn't this make leased land untenable for farming?

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1) an experienced oil and gas atttourney is best.


2) If you can reserve other depths... go for it.


3) SONRIS. All wells have an operator, they may use many contractors, but the operator is the responsible party.


4) leases that include salt water deiposal are just that. While water can be used to enhance recovery, it is mostly just a waste product that must be disposed of. '


Doesn't this make leased land untenable for farming?  NO. all salt water must be disposed of in a manner approved by the state into a zone that will contain it. And it is always very deep, and below any USDW.

Most gracious appreciation Baron :-)


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