SM Energy is setting up to drill in S17 T23N R12W.  The landman has contacted me about leasing in the section just South of the well site. Does anyone know of the leasing in this area?  S20 T23N R12W.

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Progress in the Stovall 17 H #1 slowed considerably this week. It is at 14538 feet as of 9/26/14.

We leased with SM Energy two years ago. Sec 21 T23N R13W. Received a letter dated July 9 stating they had assigned 50% of all right, title and interest to Nadel Family 2012, LLC an affiliate of Nadel and Gussman. What does this mean and how does it effect our lease? Is it a good thing or bad thing? 

SM Energy retains a half interest and Nadel Family acquires a half interest.  The lease is not effected - the terms remain in force exactly as written and executed.  There is no current activity to judge what it means.  In the near future if new wells are permitted or units formed it may become obvious.  The only thing that can be said at this point is that Nadel Family was interested enough to enter into an agreement with SM for the leasehold.

Thanks Skip

The rig has apparently moved off location for the Stovall 17 H #1, so the next info on this well may have to come from SONRIS.

Yes it has moved off the location.  I drove over the location yesterday.  Sorry I don't have any information about the status of the well.  Thanks for all your posts.


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