Any ideas on how much life or gas is left in this shale play????

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A lot of variation depending on location.  From 19 North to 15 North townships development is likely over fifty percent since 2008.  This area has only economic Haynesville Shale, no Bossier shale, so half the development wells per unit.  From 15 North south there is economic Bossier and fewer wells as that end of the fairway was later in initial drilling.  May 33% in that half of the LA fairway.  That's off the top of my head but I'm considering adding a column to my tracking spreadsheet to show percentage development per section.

It is also good to keep in mind that the number of horizontal lateral slots per section has changed.  We started at eight per and are now at five to six in the age of more intensive fracs.  When the last Haynesville/Bossier wells are drilled, there will still be another fifteen or so years of production.  So, a long time.


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