Could someone tell me the physical location of this well? I can't find it on
Sonris map.

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Hey James,
Look off Tones Bayou Rd.
Earlene the barefooted UMO

20,764' N & 728' W FROM SE/COR OF SEC 36, T16N-R13W IN IRREGULAR SEC 3. PBHL: 16,097' N & 330' W FROM SE/COR OF SEC 36, T16N-R13W IN IRREGULAR SEC 3.
Thanks E&E and Baron. I am just perplexed with the Sec. 3 part. It must be one big irregular
Sec. or am I missing something?

Most sections along the river are irregular. Look at the original surveys:

Baron, thanks for the maps. Are these maps available to see at the
Caddo Court House? I would love to see the originals. I live along
the river, Sec. 34 T17n 13W and sec 3 T16n 13W
The Original Plat books are in the back on the first floor, just ask and they will point the way. They are by the patent books. They can be hard to read as they are very old.

You can also view and download the original plats along with survey notes and patent onfo from the State Land Office.

That site is a hoot to look at. It shows you how much things have changed over time. In particular, I get a kick out of looking at the surveys that reverence things off of tree locations, bearing trees, etc.
I once had a tract that went from the front door of the homestead (not there anymore!) to the big oak tree (also gone!)


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