Not sure how much leasehold they have or what JV's they might have, but BP is another Gorilla. They just applied for their first HS unit--see attached.

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Are we to suppose that a Natural Gas magnate and a man who made Billions of dollars on oil price speculation and who still speculates on oil derivative and futures has nothing to do with the British Crowns global oil company.

That's like saying rats are not mice because rats are cute?

I mean, what are you guys smokin?
My point is that the shalers need to focus on themselves and their own needs and avoid the "saviour" mentality. No rich man is comin' to help you ... he's comin' to help himself ... too as much of you as he can get.

I think my point is perfectly clear Mr. Jim Krow.
They also operate a lot of HBP acreage in East Texas that sits under probably HS pay. Since its HBP, they are able to work through the science without publically tipping their hand. They also can let others spend a lot of money getting up the "learning curve", testing the limits, etc. No big rush to drill a bunch of monster wells with gas below $4. They'll just wait around until the right time. I'd guess when prices start moving up, they will start drilling more.



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