Dec. 10,.2014 option was not exercised.....acreage in Union County, Ark,  This is a total of

about 3000 acres that were dropped.   Any news about Union Parish activity.  Has low price of oil and SWE plans to purchase gas rights of Chesapeake changed /affected exploration plans ???

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There has been no LSBD activity that I can find in the public record for many months.  The Brown Dense page on the Southwestern website has not been updated since Feb. 28.  SWN's Marcellus Shale acquisition appears to be their focus going forward.  There is only one active LSBD permit remaining in AR and LA and that is for a Whiting well.  It will expire in about two months.   Whiting has acquired Bakken acreage that will be their focus going forward. I would not expect any of the companies to exercise lease extension clauses or permit any more wells.  I think that the industry interest in N LA has shifted to Hosston and Cotton Valley combo wet gas wells.

They renewed my lease in Union Parish in Sept. Land is north of lake & south of Farmerville.

Your land may be in the limited area which includes the Weiser-Brown discovery well and SWN's Sharp and Benson wells and which appears to be naturally fractured. All 3 of these were vertical wells. The Benson, completed 8/29/14, had an IP of 706 BOPD with no fracturing. I think SWN has a keen interest in this area and is trying to delineate its boundaries with their 3D seismic survey.

Seeing or hearing anything about actual seismic related work?

I know a guy that hunts in the area of seismic. He said it's been great for hunting because the deer are so used to explosions, helicopters, and trucks they don't run very far if he misses after the first shot.

I also just got a lease renewal payment from SWN for the Roberson well area.


I see that Urban Oil and Gas has recently completed (or maybe re-completed) several Cotton Valley wells in the Atlanta Field. I think these wells had IPs in the 30-60 bopd range. I wonder if this has anything to do with SWN's continuing interest in the area.

What were the pressures?

The pressures and choke settings weren't given. The Hutcheson C 2-16, for example, in section 2, T16S R19W, tested at 66 bbls of 42 gravity oil and 70 MCF of gas. Perforations are in Cotton Valley from 7248'-7306' . 

It appears the pressure is the secret ingredient for the Wildhorse wells, but I don't know that for sure.

I scrambled the location of the Hutcheson C 2-16. That should be section 16, T18S R19W

A guy I talked to on Thanksgiving said he just got leased in October just North of Farmerville.



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