Maven Royalty 2 - MR2 - Interested in buying mineral rights in DeSoto

I haven't been on the forum in a couple of years, and I haven't had anyone call me interested in buying mineral rights until this month. Someone from Maven Royalty 2 is interested in DeSoto 12N 15W 26 just north of Stanley. And a friend coincidentally mentioned heariang of new interest in Haynesville Shale. Can anyone shed light on either of these? Thanks. Gayle

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Maven Royalty always has an ad trying to find someone to work for them to buy minerals.

Thanks for the quick reply. Looking for someone to work for them could mean several things, so it really doesn't answer my question. To restate: Is there a reason that they are interested now? Is the company reputable? Thanks.

as i said this appeared on internet

1.  Mineral buying position

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Posted 22 hours ago
Maven Royalty Partners ("MRP") is a premier mineral and royalty acquisition company that operates throughout the continental U.S. The Agent role involves working closely with the Maven team to identify and engage with mineral owners in specific areas and acquire their minerals and/or royalty. Agents will work closely with the company sourcing deals and ultimately closing transactions.
MRP has the capital to close transactions without having to rely on "flipping" deals or selling to another group. All transactions will be for Maven's own fund, which is important as a lot of outfits do not have capital to close deals and are relying on another company (like Maven) to actually close the transaction.

Responsibilities and Duties
  • Professionally represent company as an independent purchasing/acquisition agent
  • Directly contact mineral owners from company provided leads
  • Provide price guidance to potential sellers and negotiate transactions
  • Work with Maven team to coordinate deal closings
  • Update company CRM database with all activity related to leads, including mineral owners contacted, and status of negotiations
Qualifications and Skills
  • Previous experience in sales, real estate, and/or oil and gas related work
  • Familiarity with CRM platforms (preferably Salesforce) and/or ability to learn and establish proficiency
  • Strong negotiation and communication skills (written and oral)
  • Comfortable cold calling and actively making calls
  • Capable using Microsoft Office applications including word and excel
  • Entrepreneurial and highly motivated
  • Ability to work independently

Please submit your resume to Ian Doiron via email -

Ian Doiron
Managing Partner l Maven Royalty Partners
620 Texas St, Suite 300 l Shreveport, LA 71101
Office: 318.698.0060 l Cell: 318.230.6855


Maven has an interesting business model.  Their boiler room turns out contact information of mineral owners that fit whatever the current profile is and then assigns the contact to a part time employee who reaches out by phone.  That employee may have a full time job besides moonlighting for Maven. In my experience those part time employees are quite nice but have little to zero background in minerals.  One that I spoke with worked for a local liquor distributor.  One of my clients got contacted by two different "sales people" for the same tract and got two different offers.  The client owned a mineral servitude and had a minor title issue both of which were beyond the experience and expertise of the sales person.  To Maven's credit, after a prolonged bit of jumping through hoops, the company bought the minerals are what I considered a reasonable price.

There are numerous buyers of minerals active currently especially for minerals that meet certain criteria.  I always suggest getting at least three offers and one could certainly be from Maven.

FYI, lee.  Posting solicitations including phone numbers and emails in Main Page discussions violates the rules of the website.  Please delete.

Skip this a solicitation:

Permalink Reply by Skip Peel - Independent Landman on February 19, 2020 at 1:44pm

Then you sell to a reputable mineral buyer as opposed to Southwestern or Cobra.  I help mineral owners sell as one of my services.  This discussion isn't about whether someone should sell or not, it is about who not to sell to and what constitutes a proper (legal) purchase offer in the State of Louisiana.

No it isn't, lee.  Let me help you out with the appropriate site rules which I will cut and paste below.  After you have read, please delete your post that contains the Maven contact information.  Since I suspect that you are affiliated with Maven note that you may post that type of information in sub-groups, just not on the Main Page (homepage).

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Solicitation Policy

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Last November, the no-solicitation rule was lifted in the county groups; members are now able to freely promote in the county groups without concerns of violating the GHS' solicitation policy. The reason for the change is that it has become evident there is a need for a place where members can promote their minerals or services. The ideal location for this is in the county groups. 

In addition to this we are making another adjustment. As of today, April 25, 2014, we are changing the solicitation/promotion policy with respect to one's profile picture, profile name and profile page.


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Thank You, Keith



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Feb 25, 2020


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Fine.  Then delete your post that contains the phone number, email address and website address for Maven and you will be in compliance with GHS site rules.

Thanks, Skip. Since no one responded about the Haynesville interest, I'm going to take that as a rumor only. But I'm going to keep asking around. 

If you are looking for offers other than Maven, I can suggest some other active buyers.  If you would like to have that information, contact me by way of my personal page.  It is set to Private.

This article has the information that I was looking for, unless I'm making too much of it. There IS increased interest in Haynesville shale.


Patricia, that list of operators is so out of date as to be useless.  I would therefore think the rest of the article is suspect.


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