Any information about this corporation based in Shreveport, La.  ??

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I've done business with Maven as has one of my clients.  What would you like to know?

Thank you. I received an offer from one of their landmen recently for property located in far NW Natchitoches Parish. The company appears to be reputable.  The offer is hard to evaluate given today's price of  Natural Gas Continuous Contract at $2.18 -0.086 -3.80% (Settlement Price 05/31/2023 $2.266) and an oil and gas company suspense account (overpayment) of why they would even make an offer like that given that data.  But I am considering perhaps a trade for 25% of the property.  Perhaps oil ?  

There was some Pettit gas wells in that general area but the main operator hasn't drilled a well in three years.  Those wells are not an added value for Maven.  The company looks to acquire and flip minerals with Haynesville Shale.  All the data you mention is reasonable to question as far as the value of your minerals.  Please understand that Maven, like most all mineral companies, has not performed research in depth.  They are a boiler room operation with some approaches largely different from their competitors.  As to the full mineral makeup and title review, there is no reason to spend that time and money until you have executed a binding contract to sell.  Maven sends offer letters with a firm offer and small print that states "if you have a quarter royalty".  Most mineral lessors should know their royalty but if unsure they should check first before executing a purchase and sale agreement.  Maven likes to do this my sending an email agreement that can be signed electronically by using a service like DocuSign.  It's a means to rush someone into a decision and then keep them from backing out if they change their mind.  Maven bought a deal I put together for a client.  They funded and closed the purchase.  Along the way were some changes not affecting the price but making my job more difficult.  I think this was because they were buying the minerals in partnership with another company and that company had requirements somewhat different than Maven.

In addition to electronic purchase agreements, Maven does something else somewhat different from most other mineral companies.  They have a "representative" call you on the phone so that you have a live person to speak with.  The problem I see here as to my personal experience was that the "representative" knew nothing about minerals and was just a contact.  The minerals were held by a mineral servitude, a common ownership situation in the Haynesville Shale.  The "representative" had zero knowledge of mineral servitudes.  Turns out he was a liquor salesman and working for Maven was a side gig.  Be aware that there is no rush to sell and do not deal with any company that will not fully and truthfully answer all your questions.  In addition, you need to do your own homework.  Yes, ask questions here on GHS but also spend $20 and get a twenty-four hours subscription to your parish public records.  A company that generally follows through on their deals will have numerous mineral deeds recorded in the public record.  You can see where and from whom they have acquired minerals, instances where there are other buyers and instances where they flip some of those minerals to other mineral companies.  Seller beware, do your homework.

Mr. Peel, let's just say you are right on target with your information, even down to the phone call I received.  As always,  I appreciate your help and helping other landowners on this site.  You can tell I am doing my homework.  Again, thank you.

You're welcome.  Good luck and let me know if you need any help.

In addition,  the phone caller ID indicated JENA.   I am thinking:  Jena, LA or  Justiss Oil Company, Inc. located in Jena, Louisiana and founded in 1946.   The caller stated he was calling from Shreveport, La.

It would be highly unlikely for Justiss and Maven to be working together.  The best I can tell the Maven "representatives" live all over and use their own phones for contacts.  Maven has been acquiring minerals proved for the shale for a number of years.  About two years ago a number of mineral companies previously focused on the Permian Basin started making offers in the Haynesville.  This move was caused by their investors deciding that natural gas was a good long term investment and directing that their boiler room partners get them some.  Maven has a lot more competition now which I suspect has led them to a more aggressive business model.

If I receive any more information about this offer or further updates from MAVEN, I may add to this discussion.  Thank you for your help today.


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