My wife received a call from 'Ryan' asking to buy the minerals on our land in the Bracky Branch field. He had called several times in the past going as high as $5000 an acre.  My wife told him we were not interested, he replied 'You might be interested, our offer is now $15000-$20000 an acre.  My wife called me and gave me his number, he got my attention.  Before I could call, he called her back and said the previous offer was not for our land, he had made a mistake it was for another piece of land. Our offer was still $5000 and acre. Someone has a parcel of land they want.  I'm glad my heart is in good condition. Lol

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billy, thanks for posting this.  It could be an honest mistake but I think Jay is more likely correct as $15,000 to $20,000 per acre would still be high in most instances for land in the area of Bracky Branch.  Please consider sharing the name of the company that "Ryan" represents if you know it.  Bracky Branch is good rock, likely worth more than $5K per acre with any sort of good lease.

Hard to see any real reason for optimism with Nat Gas prices plummeting to $2.35


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