Mineral rights in a Louisiana Residential aggreement to buy or sell; mineral rights left blank

During a execution of a Louisiana residential Agreement to buy or sell, the line 30-32, mineral rights information was left blank and the document was signed by both the seller and buyer. The buyer's relator executed an addendum to clarify and explained that Line 31, zero percent mineral rights.  The seller refused to sign.  Since the initial agreement was executed with the percent to reserve or own blank.  Does the empty blank indicate zero percent mineral rights will be reserved or owned by the seller? Does the seller have any claim to the mineral rights after an executed agreement? do the mineral rights transfer to the buyer? Is there anything that can be put in writing indicating that the mineral rights have been transferred to the buyer during the closing?

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Might try looking up the title company to ask them. 

thanks.   a title lawyer  said it reverts back to zero.   

Has the sale closed yet?



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