I recently received a letter from a law firm working for indigo minerals

they are running a long lateral through 008-14n-16w and I noticed my full name in the surface location details map, is that a good thing for me

thanks Todd b Parrish

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It is if you own minerals in the section and Section 8 is one of the units that will be produced.  To be more specific, you received a notice letter for Indigo's application to the state to approve spacing for alternate unit wells.  The state requires all "Interested Parties" to be contacted for an application hearing.  Interested parties are all individuals and legal entities that have surface or mineral interests located within the unit boundary and immediately adjacent to a distance of 1000' whose ownership is evidenced by documentation recorded in the public record of that parish.  This is not an application for a drilling permit.  That should come later and does not require notice.

Thank you Skip

You're welcome, Todd.

Thank you Jay

I would love it if the price was at least $5

are you familiar with the well and if so can you tell if I will have a decent %

I have received a lot of application letters over the last year, but have not received any new checks, I guess I was just close enough to get the letters, and not the checks.

Todd, just to be clear the notice letters are not technically for wells.  They are for approval of alternate unit well spacing.  You don't get a check(s) for well spacing, only for wells actually drilled.  Hopefully those will come along in the near future but first there will have to be a permit to drill issued.  You don't get a letter for that.  You have to go on SONRIS and check periodically.


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