Natchitoches Parish and Sabine Parish Mineral Rights purchase

has anyone rec'd a letter recently (april 2018) from Macedonia Minerals LLC for possible purchase of mineral rights?

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Never heard of them and they are not registered with the Secretary of State.

They are registered in Texas...


Thanks for the link, Alan.  They haven't done business long under that name.  Registered Oct., 2017.  We like companies to register with LA SOS when they do business here but it is not required.  LA registration form provides more company detail.

That's probably why they didn't register in LA!

Could be, but if so, it raises some red flags as to their solicitations.

Making offers but still evaluating the area?  Sounds like they are not sure.  It is impossible to confirm that they have an Oklahoma office since they do not have a website.  It would be good to know exactly where their interest lies and what the are offering.

I am suspicious of any mineral company that just wants to know if a mineral owner is interested in "selling".  If they are serious, they should be upfront with their offer amount.

What was the address in Frisco?  

Alan, its in your Bizapedia link above.

6128 Pepperbark Dr
Frisco, TX 75034-8913

I was asking for confirmation of the business address on the letter.  Here is 6128 Pepperbark:

Don't be surprised.  Many unsolicited offers to acquire mineral rights come from someone's residential address.  If you think about the basics of the business plan, it is difficult, if not impossible, to run a business with high overhead without significantly discounting offer amounts.  I run my land business out of my home.

Thanks for the detail.  It's about what I thought, a fishing expedition.  North Sabine is getting an increased level of development interest by a number of Haynesville/Bossier shale focused operating companies.  It is an area that mineral speculators would target. Natchitoches, unlike Sabine, is not seeing the same level of development interest and for good reason. It sounds like Macedonia hasn't done its home work.  Of course that is a common business plan for mineral companies.  There is time and cost associated with the kind of research it takes to make up front, fair market offers for specific locations.  It's much less costly and time consuming to do a mass mailing and see who bites.

If they are not registered with the Secretary of State, are their leases binding of all parties

And if the answer is no, do they get their money back?


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