Natchitoches Parish - Spud Date Lottery! ====> Top Three Places!!!

I have completed a final tally and the following are the "official" top three finishers in the Spud Date Lottery

1st Place --- Bobi Carr --- Semp Russ Plnts 6 H1 Well

2nd Place --- Sharon Graham* --- Petro-Hunt 8 #H1 Well

3rd Place --- rhedle --- Waller Family 4 #H1 Well

* - Required coin flip


Okay, the Haynesville Shale activity is finally starting to pick up down south in Natchitoches Parish.  So make your pick for the spud date of the first horizontal Haynesville Shale well in Natchitoches Parish.  Maybe Keith will give the winner a big gold star.


See end of discussion for summary of selections.


I will make my pick first - July 10th, 2010.  

(Happy Anniversay Mom & Dad)

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This is just a cheesy little gold star - make sure Keith gets you the real deal, the promised BIG gold star!

That is a great gold star.
Or else make him cough up the $4 lunch money. That might buy you .... I really don't know what it might buy in today's economy! lol

Congrats, "parker"! 80)
What was your secret Bobi?
Congratulations Bobi! It's great news! Here is your "token" prize - cash. lol. fyi: this was seized from a Mexican drug lord. Any guesses of how much cash this is. Plus, there was more. That's a spud of dough!
WHEW! Forget royalty, I'm going into drug sales! I feel like I'd be good at it!

Where is Bobi?
I wonder which politician got that stash. In that one room was $22 million!
What was his opinion & advice?
What is the T-R-S for this well?
N2, you can see the following discussion for information on the well:
See above for listing of top three finishers.


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