I have a lease in Grogan field Sabine Parish, It has been producing sine 2011  . Since the price of gas is getting high. Does anybody think production will increase?

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Thanks so much


You're welcome.  Good luck.

Since I last coresponed to you Vine sold to Chesapeake, Just checking to see if there is any talk about any new wells in site on Sec 6 9n 11w. Grogan Field.  I heard that they were very intrested but you know about the talk.?

Thanks so much. You have always shoot from the hip with no BS. 

Nothing new for Section 6 although both Chesapeake and Southwestern have a lot of permitted well slots in the surrounding area.  ShaleGeo posted that he thinks that Chesapeake may bring in a couple of additional rigs and up their development plans now that they have put their Eagle Ford assets up for sale.  That makes sense to me.  Stay tuned.


Is there an easy way on Sonris or any way at all to find out where undrilled but permitted well slots are by section, township and range ?  Thanks.

Yes but it will take some work on your part.  You need to know your field and operator which you can easily find on SONRIS.  Then you go to the Commissioner's public hearing agenda page.  I'll post a link below.  There is a search bar upper left with a drop down arrow.  Click on the arrow and then choose to search either by the operator name or the field name.  You will have to click on each application to see what sections are covered.



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