Does anyone know what they are doing on Hwy 4 in Ringgold, La. right before you get to Pleasant Rd. They seem to be putting in a road down the highline there. Are they putting a pad back there possibly? Sonris had changed their web page and I can't figure out how to find the permits anymore. It would be in Section 12, Township 15 Range 9.


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There are no current well permits nor has there been any recent field orders covering 12-15N-9W.  There is a fair amount of activity in the area and infrastructure such as lease roads and well pads are often built ahead of applying for well permits. You don't  have to search for well permits on SONRIS, just search Wells by Section, Township, Range.  Leave the Section box blank and the search will return all the sections in the township. 

You can also consider posting your question on the Bienville Parish group page.  Your chances of getting a response from someone in the immediate vicinity are much better than posting on the Main Page.

I've been on SONRIS for most of the last 2 hours, 2:30 to 4:30 Sunday, and I had no problem.

I don't use GIS.  If it's still not working for you this morning, let me know and I will check with the SONRIS staff.

Here is the response I got from the SONRIS staff.

Hey Skip, 

They fixed it this morning. Clear your cache. 


There is no existing field order nor an application for alternate unit wells covering Section 12, 15N-9W, so no activity requiring approval from the state is imminent. All current activity and public record data are for the western half of the township. If the activity underway is related to a pad, mineral and surface owners of record will receive a notice letter before there is any drilling. That is when mineral buyers will get interested. Their interest will increase when there are well permits to drill and they will be down right aggressive when a rig arrives on the scene.  Section 12 is the eastern edge of the defined Haynesville Play.


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