I haven't been checking in for a long time but have recently received three letters with offers to buy my mineral rights in Angelina County. I've always ignored them, but one is substantially higher and caught my attention. From recent permits, it looks like Aethon is gearing up to do some drilling. I'm weighing the options of holding on to my minerals or selling since this is such a good offer. 

My lease is for the Aclco Hay G.U. 2

Does anyone have any information on current activity? Thanks for any insight you can provide! 

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Susan, for an overview of interest in and offers for Haynesville/Bossier minerals use the links below to read these four recent discussions. You will notice that they have been "viewed" many times.  That lets you know how many people are also interested in offers to buy their minerals.

Then for information specifically on Angeline County, use the last link to go the Angelina County group.  You can join that group and start a new discussion.  When you do that all the members of the group are sent an email alerting them to your new discussion.  That is why posting in a group is better in some cases than posting on the Main Page.







Thanks, Skip! I'll check out the other discussions and focus in on the Angelina group. 

Susan, I average about 2 offers per month.  Until November, all offers were not worth considering.  However, November has been a month that we are seeing larger offers.  From what we saw when they were drilling the Titan wells, the offers really increased.  I suggest, if possible, to hold off all consideration of offers until the drilling starts on the new pad.  I have a file of maybe 25 offers.  Wishing the best, DCT


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