I just came back from Reeves creek rd. off hwy 87 north.There is a new location about 3/4 mile past Time Hall road location.Its on the right just before the intersect of nine mile road. Looks like its about 90% complete. I don't know but I think its another Endeavor location as they were going to drill several more in this area. Hope this will be horizontal

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Pudgie, that is the Endeavor-Barrett #1 permitted in June. 405-30458
Thanks jffree sorry I didn't clarify that better
Is your picture the new pipeline in Sabine County?
Yes it is Alongview, It runs about 50 yards in front of my property coming from the Hall location. Its a 12 inch that joins the 24 inch that crosses hwy 87 about 5 miles north of milam that goes on to the gas plant on hwy 21 between Milam and Pendleton.


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