I've gotten word alot of landmen are working on a new play from Dixie Inn north along Dorcheat. Offers are 300 per acre and 25%. Would guess it is liquid.

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Andrew, Potential targets include Cotton Valley, Haynesville Sand, all zones of Smackover, including Gray Sand(maybe?) and LSBD. The lease men and women specifically made reference to the Cotton Valley Group and LSBD. I don't know how far north Gray Sand extends. IMO that it does not extend northward of the Cotton Valley Field very far.

I signed resently with Red Rock out of Texas. Has any one heard of them and their work

ethetcs or reputation??

N. Lynch, I for one have no heard of them, but I will do some checking. Skip or Les will be your best bet for an answer. If I may ask what township, range and section is the land you leased. I know Texla Oil, LLC. has been attempting to lease in T19 and 20N R8W.


The only likely "Red Rock" registered with the state is Red Rock Production out of Plain Dealing.  The company is owned by Michael L. Clark and is a small Caddo Pine Island operator.  To go any further than that I'd need the rest of the name besides just "Red Rock".  There is no requirement to register a corporation with the state although the majority of reputable land companies do so.  If you guys get into Minden,  you could go by the courthouse and look through the Clerk of Court's Day Book to see if Red Rock or Texla Oil has recorded any leases.

My property is in sec.32 23N 10w  in Webster Parish. Thanks for any info you

may have.


I have heard of Red Rock. A Texas Co. My  Dr. invested in well with them about 10 years ago and was happy with them. I did have some info about them. If I can find it I will post it.

Thanks for you input Mr. Aubrey!

I forgot to say the well my Dr. invested in with RR is in   TX.


SM is very actively leasing there.

JMan, the discussions concerning leasing and SM Energy are mostly in the Bossier Group although lands in Webster are included.


JMan,  Who is SM? SWM? Quite a bit of leasing going on in Webster Parish. Whiting Petroleum has leased good bit of land recently.


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