I heard that there may be some new leasing activity in central Rapides parish. Does anyone have any info?

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I haven't heard of any leasing activity in Rapides recently, Randall.  If indeed there is any I doubt it would be associated with the TMS.  The TMS play is basically dead even in the core area along the MS line with the Florida parishes.  The TMS wells drilled in Rapides have been sub-economic.

I'd look to Two Dogs, Pirate for comment on any current Rapides leasing and I would suggest that you post your question in the Rapides Parish Group.  When you do that all the group members get an email notice for your new discussion posting.


Thanks, done.

You're welcome.  I'm following your new discussion in the Rapides Group.  I hope you get some responses.

Me too. I heard something very interesting today. I don't want to spread misinformation on here so I'll keep these cards close to the vest until I get some hard information.


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