Seven units represent the first HA units in 13N - 7W.  Good Luck.


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Please expound on the Hall Summit oil find.
I have 354 acres north of ashland in bienville parish that is not leased.I had 98 acres of this leased to chesapeake that the lease expired yesterday 6/30/2010.No contact no offers at all.Some that expired yesterday bordered 5/13/7 in natchitoches parish which is one of the nine units at ashland.
I do know for a fact that there has been land men in north Natchitoches (Readhimer area, just south of the Bienville parish line off Hgy 9) in the past seven days offering $350.00 per ac. to lease down to the 7000 foot area. I have spoken to no less than three family members that were approached with this. They said thye were not interested in anything much deeper at this time.
Just wondering what companies have been in Readhimer this week. I have 80 acres there, but do not live there on the property. If you could give me any information, I would greatly appreciate it.
I think it is Mustang, they are interested in drilling a "shallow well" somewhere in the lower half of section 8 and upper half of section 17. This information is second handed, but it was told that they desired to drill in September. The negotiations are still going on, they are balking on 25% royalties and are discussing a 2 year lease as well. There are several hold outs as of now, but they do seem interested in drilling there.
Thanks Mr. Lee! I really aprreciate the information.
Just to let people know, It is apparently not Mustang doing the leasing in Readhimer. I talked to someone in the company and they said they have nothing going in Louisiana at this time. Thanks anyway.
Definitely Mustang, not sure why your source would not be aware of it but the information is solid. They are targeting formations above the haynesville shale, and seem very anxious in getting the above sections secured as soon as possible.
Confirmed, Mustang leasing $350 / acre and 20% royalty, some negotiated up to 25% royalty. They are still working to secure leases in sections 8 & 17 in the Readhimer community. They are saying that they would like to drill before the end of this year. Mustang is not aiming to drill deep enough to hit the Haynesville shale, but are targeting shallower formations.
GD I spoke to a land man who leases for chk. in the Ashland area in natch. parish last week. He said the most they had paid per acre so far was $1000.00 .I have no way to know if this is true.He also stated that the well in sec. 8 will tell the tale.He also said that if that well did good they would be looking at at least 2 sec. to the east.He said he did not know about bien. parish.Common sence tells us it will be later when the money gets better , if at all.
I can say I heard the 1000/acre as well was the top offer from folks in the area. CHK has mine leased right across the Natch. Parish line in Bienville a long time before shale and they renewed so we will see what transpires.
I heard the same think about the 1000/acre amount. I am sure the well will be a good producer so I think things will improve.



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