Would anyone happen to know where I could research online to find any test wells dug or results / well logs?  Any information would be appreciated.  I have heard from one company in particular which is in an oil play currently that there is a pool of oil in the deep east texas area, however it is extremely deep.  I was curious if this pool is the same pool perhaps thats being played in the gulf?

Thanks for any info!

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I sure would like to know as well.  Also... what/where is deep east texas?

Sabine, San augustine, Shelby  Counties I would think

IMO, Wish You Knew is referring to a rumor that made the rounds a year or two ago regarding oil below the Haynesville in E TX.  There was a similar rumor regarding a "pool" of oil below the Haynesville Shale in NW LA at the same time.  Most of the wells that fueled the rumor were in Harrison and Panola counties.  There were no completions which supported the rumors and much of the fever was over wildcat wells with deep permitted depths.  Few were actually drilled that deep and some were completed in shallower formations.  It appeared that some industry workers were helping to spread the rumor and I suspect getting a chuckle out of the hub bub generated.  A spate of 3D seismic shoots about that time in areas where Haynesviile Shale wells had already been completed seemed to some to confirm the rumors.  The rumor eventually faded away as there was never anything factual to support it.

If deep east texas, see Halcon's recent presentation about Wilcox, and look at some of the work in Newton, Jasper, Sabine, Polk, etc counties. 


dbob is Halcon or any of the other operators in those counties targeting the Norphlet?

nope - de

Nope, just Wilcox, Austin Chalk, Yegua, Frio, and a few others I can't recall. 


Halcon has annouced an Eagle Ford/Woodbine lease position in Polk County, with implications of liquids.  Thats the furthest east I know of it going.  If it goes further east, Jffre and I will have a naming contest: Teaglebine, Eagleoosa, or Eaglewoosa.

I vote for Beaglebine. Although Eaglewoosa is pretty catchy! LOL!  What, no Budaloosa?  I look in on the District 3 discussions from time to time but don't keep up on a regular basis.  I couldn't recall any Norphlet comments in those threads and just wanted to check and make sure I didn't miss something.  Thanks.

Sad, but true... for now... HA!

The James Lime is being targeted by Devon in Navarro county.  Halcon is targeting the lower wilcox/midway shale AKA, the Midcox in Austin and Lavaca.  Just a little FYI

What ever happened to Devon in Navarro County?


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