Hello, I have some land in north Bossier Parish on which a few, but not a lot, of Haynesville wells were drilled.  Most of it is unleased now.  Do you know who may be interested in the area of Bossier immediately north of Interstate 20?  Thanks and let's get the Haynesville up and running.

Jack Wilhelm

512 517 2062

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Jack, the few you have (35 - 20N-11W & 27 - 19N-11W) are a little too far north based on current development.  Section 35 is interesting as it's production history indicates it is in the area where the Haynesville zone is changing from sand(stone) to shale.  This is indicated by the presence of liquids although small in volume.  At this point I would think that 20N & 19N are too far north to be economic.  18N-11W has some current development in the lower one third of the township. A 2009 HA well operated now by Aethon in Section 34 and a live permit for an HA well in sections 31&30 by Ensight IV.  If that well is drilled and proves to be economic, it could encourage an additional step out to the north.


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