Are there any plans for leasing land for drilling in the Benton area or further North up to Plain Dealing?

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Jerry. I am unaware of any leasing activity in your area of north Bossier Parish. Two suggestions, also post your question on the Bossier Parish Group Page and review the activity of current drilling on the SONRIS Well Scout Report for your area. It is updated every Thursday. Good Luck.
don't know if it is legit but a friend of mine told me last week that a lady in his area told him that she recieved a letter from some sort of Antrim concern out of Lafayette. 250 per acre and 20% minerals. He got one a couple of days later. He had seen the one I got from Cobra for some property I have in Stonewall. He said it was not the same.

I will get more info from him this Sunday Skip....he lives just south of PD off HW3
Connell. Antrim is the name of the field just south of Plain Dealing. There are no producing wells in the field. We have discussed it in the past as there is a deep well there by Samson Contour that was drilled in 2006. This well was never produced and reported as Status 31 - Shut-In Dry Hole/Future Utility since it's completion. Recently, 6-4-09 Samson changed the Status to 32 and filed for a work permit to P&A (Plug & Abandon) the Forcap. I am unaware of any current leasing but will check for you if you can get me the name of the Lafayette company offering the leases you refer to.
Connell. Seems there is an Antrim Exploration out of Lafayette. Check with your sources and see if this is the same company they are referring to.

Charter/Organization ID: 37066329K


Type Entity: Limited Liability Company

Status: Active

Annual Report Status: In Good Standing Add Certificate of Good Standing to Shopping Cart


Domicile Address: 128 DEMANADE, SUITE 306, LAFAYETTE, LA 70503

File Date: 06/08/2009

Registered Agent (Appointed 6/08/2009): TODD PAUL SCHOEFFLER, 128 DEMANADE, SUITE 306, LAFAYETTE, LA 70503

not sure skip, I will check and see if this is the one.
Stay away from Cobra, scam city.
Also I will add there was a Haynesville test well not too far north of Benton, the Cedar Bluff well that what plugged and abandoned.
yeah i got a letter from cobra a few weeks ago asking about the stonewall property...i wish i knew how many people they got with those mailings...sad..
I heard about those two...but they also have some working wells in a community called motts, east of PD, Carterville on 157 toward springhill and bellevue i believe...i am sure that mose experts are still saying nada to that area but last year when i worked in the east texas fields attending fracs...a few of the people told me that even though the maps show it short of the Arkansas line for the most part that it extended into southern Arkansas.

i am not disputing the experts, much respect to you guys...

i believe that a fissure will be hit and a crack will allow the gas to flow up in that area and those of us on the arkansas border will get a little dough too...wishful thinking ahuh...

my sister and i have about 120 acres up there if some one wants to make an must have the only acreage in Stonewall that has not been drilled..go figure..oh well
Connell. Don't pout! LOL! There is actually a good bit of DeSoto that is undrilled. For HA. Much old shallow production there holding all depth leases with low royalties. The lessees holding those drilling rights will hold out for a big payday as long as they have sufficient continuing production to hold their leases in force. Good Luck with Plain Dealing and Arkansas.
no pouting skip, i am a realist but i believe in the unbelievable also...i appreciate you and the expert's candor and frankness. and what i never had can not be lost....

thanks again...
Okay. Then change your screen image to one with a smile. That young man does not look happy. LOL! You are welcome. Have a good weekend.


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