we had 30 acres leased and received about $60k over 6-8 years....When price of gas was better than today.  If unitization still in play wonder if once again our little plot worth more upfront to sell than lease.

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You'll have to continue to wonder as long as you do not provide sufficient information required for an informed opinion on the value of your minerals and the pros and cons of a sale vs a lease.  Of course, if you don't have a lease offer at this time any opinion would be speculation.   And, john, you don't have to continually post new discussions.  Simply reply in your prior discussions here on the Main Page of the website.

Then go right ahead and post some content.  Things are a little slow for the kind of content you seem to want.  We all know the reasons why there is little going on as do you.  We all would like to have more to report/discuss but it can't be manufactured out of thin air.  I try to balance both kinds of content by posting key unit applications, well permits and maintaining the running rig report by parish/county.  I know from member feedback that many regulars appreciate the industry articles that I post to the site.  Those who have differing opinions or focuses are welcome to post their articles as long as the site guidelines are followed.

Nope, there are other industry professionals who participate.  I suspect that you miss them because you only view certain discussions.  I tend to catch those posts/replies because I am a member of all the sub-groups.  I can't speak to their particular areas of expertise but as to geologists, we have never had more than a handful.  I get periodic private messages on my personal page from some site pros that do not care to post in open discussions.  I understand their interest in keeping a low profile.  None of those messages are complaints about the site content.


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